Revolutionary War era Engraving of the Reading of Declaration of Independence

Revolutionary War era Engraving of the Reading of Declaration of Independence


This is a lovely copper engraved print from Barnard's History of England, printed in 1785. book was purported to be a complete history of England from the beginning of time up until 1785 and it dedicated a significant portion of illustration to the American Revolution. The printer and author were known supporters of American Independence. Very few period illustrations were made of the Revolutionary War making these highly unusual. The few other period illustrations are rare Lexington and Concord, etc.  and regularly demand prices in excess of $100,000.  Most illustrations were not created until a wave of nostalgia overtook the country when Lafayette visited in 1824.  Approximately 13.75 inches by 9.75" print is on laid paper and depicts the reding of the "Declaration of Independence." Complete sets of the Barnards Revolutionary War engravings are found in the collections of Mt. Vernon, Yale, University of Michigan, the Library of Congress, The British Musuem and  other fine research institutions attesting to their historical importance.   The value of these engravings is only going to increase as more collectors discover the importance.  Please inquire if you are interested in purchasing the complete set of Revolutionary War scenes, we had all of them.   is an opportunity to own an illustration from the period of Independence and no doubt the founding fathers would have loved seeing their exploits immortalized.   Very good condition, suitable for framing, light staining as seen in photo.  


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