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Table at Militaria Show

All About Iron and Paper

I am just a collector masquerading as a seller.  Far too often, I find exciting pieces and can’t part with them.  I think the best thing about preparing to exhibit at my first show was the excuse to buy even more.  I only buy artifacts I would be proud to have in my own collection. When I look at my table or this site, I am excited to share the pieces with other collectors and look forward to the next great find.


Brendan Seyring is the principal force behind Iron and Paper.  Collecting since he was 9 years old, Brendan has spent decades collecting. You would be hard pressed to find someone as intensely excited about early American history as Brendan.  You can find him spending much of his free time attending auctions, researching in a rare book room or giving an impromptu, perhaps uninvited, lecture over dinner on Alexander Hamilton.

Brendan holds a degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in early American history.  He still plays soccer every weekend and can often be found wandering a hiking trail in the back woods out of cell reception with his family.  

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