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Rare Fort Ligonier 3 lb Solid Shot

Rare Fort Ligonier 3 lb Solid Shot


2.5” diameter, [3.1#]marked in old white paint, FORT LIGONIER, 1758-1766,  This is on the rarest of cannon balls for the very advanced French and Indian War collector or artillery collector.  This isthe firs to come to market.  Ex. Delery/Historical Shop 


Fort Ligonier is a British fortification from the French and Indian War located in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, United States. The fort served as a staging area for the Forbes Expedition of 1758. During the eight years of its existence as a garrison, Fort Ligonier was never taken by an enemy. It served as a post of passage to the new Fort Pitt, and during Pontiac's War of 1763, was a vital link in the British communication and supply lines. It was attacked twice and besieged by the Native Americans, prior to the decisive victory at Bushy Run in
August of that year. The fort was decommissioned from active service in 1766. This shot originates from an old NY collector of more than 40 years. This is the first example we have seen for sale.   

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