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Lake George, NY Cut Down American made Bayonet

Lake George, NY Cut Down American made Bayonet


The Battle of Lake George was fought on 8 September 1755, in the north ofthe Province of New York. Thebattle was part of a campaign bythe British to expel the French from North America, in the Frenchand Indian War. On one side were 1,500 French, Canadian, and Indian troops under the
command of the Baron de Dieskau. On the other side were 1,500 colonial troops under William Johnson and 200 Mohawks led by noted war chief Hendrick Theyanoguin. The battle consisted of three separate phases and ended in victory for the British and their allies. After the battle,
Johnson decided to build Fort William Henry in order to consolidate his gains. This bayonet is 13” overall, 8.25” blade, with a 4” socket. The socket bore is 90mm. This bayonet was crafted from a British bayonet with crude seams and socket slots. Possibly made by a provincial soldier to fit his musket or even an Indian. It is possible since troops were passing Lake George during the Saratoga campaign a later Militia soldier fashioned and used this bayonet. Old white paint markings LAKE GEORGE..from an old NY Collection. The short length of the blade may be a result of using a damaged bayonet and re-purposing it, very unusual.

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