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Fort Ticonderoga 6 lb Cannon Ball

Fort Ticonderoga 6 lb Cannon Ball


 It is ~4" in diameter and weighs 6 lbs.  It has a nice, clear seam.  Part of a colletion sold from a museum.  


There is an interesting circular lip on the cannonball as seen in the photo; it is not hollowed out and therefore not a small mortar piece.  There are also two small holes that look like they were drilled into the cannonball at its time of use; perhaps these holes and the circular lip were used for grappling the cannonball to place it in a small cannon or howitzer tube.  That might be particularly logical if the cannonball were heated up as "hot shot" in which case there would need to be a grapple tool to pick it up from the furnace and place it in the artillery piece.  In any event, the cannonball itself is in nice condition.  As can also be seen in the photo, there is a small note attached to the cannonball indicating "Cannon near FT"

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