c. 1770 "Boston Pattern" Square Shoe Buckles

c. 1770 "Boston Pattern" Square Shoe Buckles


This pair of Square Boston Massachusetts pattern shoe buckles are originals came out of a estate in Northern Vermont over 20 years ago. This type of square with flowering edges became popular around 1770 in the Boston area. The local Shoe makers had gotten tired of the cost of shoe buckles from England with their cost and the wait to get them. so they contracted Local pewter smiths to included the famous Paul Revere amongst some of them. Only a couple pair have been found with pewter smith marks. most aren't marked that way they couldn't cut out the middleman.  In other words, the costumer would just go straight to the pewter smith and the shoemaker would be out the profit from making the buckles. There are a couple of examples on display in a couple museums from Virginia to Massachusetts. These are in really good shape and can be used if the need arises or place them in a collection for display.  These fantastic examples of the early American colonies abilitiy to make durable goods instead of the mother country.  The size is 3 1/2 wide x 2 tall on the outside the inner measurements are as follows:2 3/4 wide x 1 1/16 tall.  From the collection of a discerning Virginia gentleman.  


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