Battle of Fort Hill Peekskil fired American and British musket ball

Battle of Fort Hill Peekskil fired American and British musket ball


BATTLE OF FORT HILL, PEEKSKILL, NY 1777, Peekskill Suffered a British Attack in 1777: The Continental Army base camp at Peekskill was assaulted by 500 British infantry, supported by sailors and naval vessels on March 23rd, 1777. The defending New York 2nd and 4th regiments were led by Gen. MacDaugall. The British bombarded the Fort Hill area with four cannons they positioned on Drum Hill, directly to the south. Five large barracks buildings on this hilltop were burned by the retreating American forces. Vital military supplies including food, shoes, clothing, wagons, sloops, tools, mills and warehouses were destroyed by the invaders. Over several years, the Redcoats would return many times at various locations along the river to try to crush the rebellion. Peekskill was especially strategic to the American cause since it was a main depot point for the Continental Army and a key transportation hub to shuttle troops from New England into New York and then across the river to New Jersey. Washington made his headquarters at Peekskill several times later in the war [1780]. We have available the following musket balls [Ex. Dean Thomas Collection]


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